June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 (2010) Poster

I saw Toy Story 3 this weekend, took my 6 yr. old daughter and she loved it.. what a great movie!
The story was really good, I will be honest..it made me cry...but it has a great message for kids.
The characters are so funny, Ken and Barbie are just hilarious! Mr. and Mrs. potato head get 2 thumbs up!
If you haven't seen Toy Story 3 make plans and take your kids, you won't regret it and it's worth it.
Sam's Club is selling Buzz (toy) just like in the movie..also Jessi and her horse for $50 which I thought was a little high, but they did look great!


3 for Me! said...

We saw it too!! We don't do movies often but were told it was ok for little ones!

I hadn't watched the others, though! I might need to go back and watch them now!