June 23, 2009

My daughter at Kindercamp

My oldest daughter started "Kindercamp" today. It's just for this week so that they can get to know the school, teachers, etc. She's not to happy about this big, new school, I had to drop her off today, of course her teacher was waiting for her. When I picked her pick up she told me she was crying because I left her, and I didn't go in with her. So, that just did it for me. I'm very emotional when it comes to these things.. I cried on her first day of pre-school, I was the only parent crying.

I just want to keep them safe from everything, I don't want them to suffer, cry. I know well that I can't do that to them, but I think that as parents we want to protect them from everything.
Anyways, this will be just for this week. I guess it will be a whole other game when school starts.