May 29, 2009

My baby is crawling!

My 10 month old baby Amanda, finally started to crawl today!
She has been moving here and there trying to crawl, but today she just crawled!
It's amazing to me how one day babies just start crawling, sitting, walking. God made it so perfect!

Does your baby fall asleep on her/his own?

I'm having a lot of problems with this. I remember saying when I was pregnant that I was not going to be holding her so that she could fall asleep..well I was wrong!! I just couldn't put her down when she was born, she would just lay there and you can tell she loved it (lying on my chest) So, now that's the only way she will go to sleep, if you carry her or if you lie with her in bed (my bed) she doesn't like to be alone, she wants to feel that someone is there.
We had this issue with our 1st daughter too, different but she wanted to be rocked to sleep, until one day we just got tired of it and began to put her in her crib and let her cry. (I know it doesn't sound me this was really hard for me!) but she was about a yr. old when we did this.
And it took about a week to get her use to this routine. I tried doing this with my little one, but it's so hard for me I can't do it, I'm WEAK!!

So, have any of you had this problem/issue? How did you deal with it?


MOMMY-MOMO said...

he does now (2 years old) wasnt always easy though. I'd say the first 10 months was a nightmare!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

...but i'm not a fan of crying it out. so prob harder for me :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting!
I don't like the let them cry either! it breaks my heart! The other problem I'm having is that when we put her in her crib she wakes up!!

liza said...

My daughter is 6 months old and falls asleep while nursing. She will fall asleep sometimes on my shoulder or on my husband, but for the most part on my breast. She will wake up if I put her in her crib and to make her fall asleep, she won't stop screaming. She is my last so it doesn't bother me too much.she gets away with everything. I have 2 other kids that were so different, but they are only this age once and when they are older you are going to want them to fall asleep on you, trust me!

Jessica said...

That's the issue that I have with my baby, she's the last one.. (my husband wants a little boy) but that's another story!
And she's so sweet and I just don't like to see her cry.. so it's hard!

Ness said...

It's harder to put my first born down to bed than my second. With my first I held him for hours if I had to. But then the heavier and older he got the longer it took for him to go to sleep. So I would do the old night time routine and put him down, pop in my iPod and listen to a son that lasted 5 minutes ( maily because I would have gone in his room a lot faster if I could hear him so music worked for me). If he was still crying after the song was over I would go in and settle him back down and do it all over again. By the end of the week it would take him 5 to 10 minutes to settle down.
With my daughter I promised myself that I was going to get her to go to sleep in her bed by herself right from day one.
I haven't had a problem with her at all!

Great blog by the way!
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kasandria said...

Awww what a fun time! All my babies aren't babies anymore!

Suz said...

I have a now... 4 yr old!! Can't believe he's 4 already, cherish the time!

As far as getting them to sleep on their own... my experience is much like some of yours. My little guy is my first, and maybe only due to infertility issues and because I breastfed he always fell asleep in my arms. When it was time to wean him at night, bedtime became harder. We slowly went to waiting until he was almost asleep and then sitting beside the crib with one arm in the crib patting and comforting him until he fell asleep.. then I would put a stuffed animal where my hand had been patting him to make him feel like we were still there. When we got tired of dealing with arms stuck through the crib rails on long nights of trying to put him to bed, we got a toddler bed that was very low to the floor at an early age, put it up against the wall with a rail on the other side. Then we started sitting with him until he feel asleep.
In just the last six months, we've worked our way to sitting with him for a few minutes and then turning on a classical kids cd to help him fall asleep. He does great now... took awhile to get there, but worth it. We tried the letting him cry himself to sleep, but he literally screamed for 2 hrs! Yikes! I wouldn't change a thing.