May 21, 2009

Cartoons/Kids Shows

Good Morning!
I don't know which cartoons or kids show your children like.. but my 10 month old daughter Amanda loves The Sprout Channel.. she loves Chica and she loves "Star" from The Good Night Show. She also loves "Mickey Mouse Club House" (Disney Channel) Well, I like all those shows too! I still watch my favorite ones from when I was little... Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Flinstones... oh and my all time favorites..The Muppets!

What shows or cartoons do your little ones like?


Beth said...

We love Sprout around here. It is the only channel we allow my 2 year old to watch. We watch when getting ready in the morning and ready for bed.

Jessica said...

Yeah I really like it, we were going to change our
satellite provider but we decided not to because they just didn't have the sprout channel.

Letti said...

Little Bill, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Backyardigans are a few of the favorites.